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wIThout you, nothing clicks.

Whether architecture, data analysis, engineering or system administration - our IT department maintains, updates, develops and connects the in-house and integrated systems and provides the basis for everything to work smoothly.

wIThout you, nothing clicks.

This is us! Caution, moving image!

Behind the scences at BIKE24
Behind the scences at BIKE24
Josh - Software Engineer
Josh - Software Engineer
Martin - Senior Product Designer
Martin - Senior Product Designer
Martin - Tech Lead
Martin - Tech Lead
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Behind the scences at BIKE24
Behind the scences at BIKE24
Josh - Software Engineer
Josh - Software Engineer
Martin - Senior Product Designer
Martin - Senior Product Designer
Martin - Tech Lead
Martin - Tech Lead

Application Process


Step 1

You have found a job that is perfect for you?
Then simply apply via our online form. All we need from you is the minimum: your name and an email address where we can reach you. You are also welcome to send us a short CV - this makes it easier for us to assess whether your profile fits the position we are looking for.
This is the first step, and you will receive a confirmation of receipt from us by email.

Step 2

We have received your application and are now reviewing all documents. We will usually contact you within seven days. If we think you could be a good fit for one of our open positions, we will send you an invitation for the remote initial call via MS Teams. You will be sent a link where you can book your preferred date in our calendar.
This way we avoid endless discussions about appointments. And even if your profile is not 100% suitable at the moment, you will of course receive a response as soon as possible.

Step 3

Your profile has convinced us! In the next step, we invite you to a remote interview about MS Teams with the business unit. Our goal is to get to know you, your skills and motivation even better. 
Be yourself - a little bit of excitement is completely normal - but we will try to take it away from you in a relaxed atmosphere. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! After all, we want you to get a good impression of us and your future job.

Step 4

If the second interview went well and we can still imagine you in the team, you will be sent a tech challenge (for the software engineering positions). You will have at least 1 week to solve a small coding task. But don't worry, we are not interested in solving difficult problems, we just want to see how you work, how you structure your code, how you deal with tests, etc. We are always available for questions.
Afterwards, your future Tech Lead will do a review and discuss it with you in the Final Interview - also remotely via MS Teams. What was good? What could be improved? Do you have any last questions about the team, tech stack or daily work? Then this is your opportunity!

Step 5

The application process is now almost over. If we are convinced that we are a good match, we will make you an offer. We clarify all the important conditions and briefly look back at the exchange so far. If everything is clear, we will send you the contract and prepare your onboarding. Welcome to the team! And even if we don't find each other, you will of course receive feedback from us.

Software Engineer

"I find the experience of working in my team to be incredibly fulfilling. Each day, I wake up motivated by the challenges that lie ahead and the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues. The sense of friendship within the team is truly inspiring. We support each other, share knowledge, and work together to overcome obstacles. It's not just a job; it's a shared journey of growth and learning."

QA Engineer

"Working at BIKE24 as a QA Engineer has been one of the best experiences of my professional life. The  balance between learning new skills, working independently, and having a safe and modern work environment has convinced me to stay here after working at various other companys.
At BIKE24, I have challenges that I never had before as a QA Engineer, such as the test automation of an ERP system and the migration and establishment of new, modern ordering processes for our purchase employees, which ensure that our almost 1 million customers always receive high-quality, available products."

What you can expect from us:

We want our talents to develop in an optimal way. For that, BIKE24 offers you a range of benefits, which you can read about here.

Employee discounts in our online shop

Whether bikes, accessories, outdoor or streetwear - our online shop has a lot to offer. As part of BIKE24, you can benefit from great conditions and live out your passion to the maximum.


As an employee of our company, you can come to work with a well-equipped bike, pay only an attractive monthly rate and are optimally insured against many risks.

Flexible working hours / Remote work

A doctor's appointment, a walk in the park or a short bike ride at lunchtime? No problem, work-life balance is important to us and the flexible working time allows you to organise your day as you wish. In addition, home office and remote work are a matter of course for us.


Have you always wanted to work from Belgium, Barbados, or Brazil? With us, you can work remotely from your desired holiday destination for up to 180 days after checking the country-specific regulations.

Job- and Germanyticket

If you do want to leave your bike at home, you can get the DVB Jobticket or the Germanyticket for a reduced charge and use the public transport all over Germany.

First name culture

"No bulky Mr. or Mrs." At BIKE24 we are on first name terms. Yes, even the bosses! Why? Because we want to communicate at eye level. What went wrong? What can we do better? What is going well?

Education and training

There is always a lesson to be learned. Whether it's technical literature, online courses or training - we'll find the right thing for you. For example, there is access to various Udemy courses with which you can further your education on your own.

Corporate Benefits

The shopping platform offers you a wide range of offers on products and services from all areas of life.

Company pension scheme

And because your future is at least as important to us as it is to you, we subsidise the company pension scheme with a fixed portion and the highest degree of flexibility and fairness.

Summer party and team feeling

Every year we celebrate the company's birthday with a summer party to which we invite all our colleagues & families to Dresden. We also organise other team events, whether it's a volleyball or table tennis tournament, an after-work bike ride or team action in the high ropes course - you'll quickly make friends here.

Your contact
Sarah Hartleb (GER, EN)

Sarah Hartleb (GER, EN)


Our Tech Stack

Programming Languages:

We mainly use Javascript/TypeScript. At the same time, a few of our tech teams use PHP in our legacy system.


We mainly use React because the performance of our solutions is important to us. Especially our B2C environment benefits from React (shop profiles, widgets, etc.). We mostly use React in combination with Next.js. As a testing framework, we use Jest to ensure functionality through unit and integration tests.

In the backend, we focus on Node.js, focusing on serverless. We mostly use Node.js in combination with Nest.js.

Service & Tools:

Our GCP infrastructure is completely managed with Terraform. This allows us to keep a simple history of all changes and minimise manual effort.

GitHub supports our internal open-source policy and enables cross-team collaboration and feedback.

In daily business, we use SCRUM to react flexibly to requirements, to continuously improve and to set clear goals in the OKR process.

Database & Hosting:

MongoDB is often used when we rely on a document-based data structure. If the flexibility of data access is paramount, then we also use relational databases such as MySQL.

This is where we use GCP: For us, it's "cloud first" to be able to scale the infrastructure of our products.

Business Intelligence:

SQL is our day-to-day tool of the trade, which we use to interact directly with our data. We analyse and transform the data to gain new insights and then map them into DBT and Power BI.

As a cloud-based data warehouse, Snowflake enables efficient storage and retrieval of large amounts of data, allowing us to flexibly respond to changing requirements.

With Python, we create the right solution for all requirements, whether it's opening up data sources with complicated interfaces or supplying systems with data.

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